What's Up With The "HART"?

There are things that we experience throughout our lives that inspire and motivate us to explore a path and embark on different journeys. These experiences shape us. These experiences teach us lessons and encourage us to acknowledge and admire the different pieces that make a whole being. The nerves, the excitement, the fear, the sadness, the moments of pure bliss, the feeling of discouragement, the feeling of being unstoppable...we can feel a mix of all of these things all at once, throughout the day, or from time to time. It took a long while (and still challenges me at times) to realize that the fluctuation of emotions is in fact one of the most beautiful things we can experience. We are human. 

So what brings me here to speak on the different facets of life itself? I surely don't have it all figured out, but I do most definitely try to make the effort on furthering my understanding of self and the world that surrounds me. Sweet Hart Kitchen is a facet of my life. A window into what makes my heart skip a beat and what gets me excited to hop out of bed in the morning.


I could ramble on and on about all of the things that are floating around my mind, but I feel it's important to explain exactly what "HART" means to me. For starters, it symbolizes a unit. A letter for every member in my family. "H" for my mum, Helen. "A" for Alexandra. "R" for my sister, Rachel. "T" for my pops, Todd. It's essentially a family logo and it's been a thing for, well, as long as I can remember. The "HART" is a symbol of strength, love, support, and kindness. In our home growing up we were always reminded of the importance of living with those four things in mind. That's what I put into Sweet Hart Kitchen every single day and I feel so incredibly grateful to be able to share this experience (and the treats of course)!

Alexandra Courts