Our Treats

Perhaps you share the same sweet tooth that we at Sweet Hart Kitchen have, but you’re trying to lead a healthier lifestyle. Perhaps you have a long list of dietary restrictions that make for a pretty dull sweet treat life. Or maybe you’re finding that the options you seek are few and far between. 

The solution is simple and it’s brought to you by Mother Nature! The way that people see the food industry is changing, whether it be for ethical, environmental, or personal health reasons, and because of this shift, the is a growing demand for products that are plant derived, good for the body, and good for the soul. These days you’re more likely to be looking for snack and dessert options that are going to fuel your body throughout the day. Options that are made from whole foods such as raw nuts, seeds, fruits, vegetables, and dates. No fillers. No artificial sweeteners. Nothing that you’re body can’t use. You’re looking for healthier treat options that you can easily find at your local coffee shop, health food stores, or in/around your place of work.

Sweet Hart Kitchen offers the perfect solution to all of your healthy treat needs. All the flavour with all of the nutrients. Every product aims to fuel the body with whole and nutritionally dense ingredients that pair perfectly with your morning/midday/evening coffee or tea. Sweet Hart offers a wide variety of plant-based, gluten-free, raw/no-bake treats that are incredibly healthy and beautifully crafted. Everything from bite-sized treats (like cookie dough bites and macaroons), to the new and improved versions of snacks you already know and love (like our "snickers" bars), to fun little cake cups, to full-sized cakes that are perfect for any occasion.