our roots

Operating in downtown Toronto, Sweet Hart Kitchen is dedicated to creating fine treats and tasty eats that are 100% plant-based, using natural sweeteners and healthy ingredients.

Sweet Hart Kitchen began as a reoccurring daydream that would occupy the mind of business owners and creators Alexandra Courts and Julia Hart for as long as they could remember. From mixing things together in the kitchen sink as a child, to decorating and crafting desserts in their adulthood. The need to share the creations with friends, family, and community grew greater with each day that passed. As the demand hit a tipping point, the vision became clear... Sweet Hart Kitchen.   

These days, they focus on whipping up food options that will fuel the body throughout the day, while remaining decadent and delicious. Their unbelievably nutritious snacks are perfect for marathons (running or Netflix!), and can be spotted around the city at local shops and events.. Sweet Hart Kitchen is here to conquer your cravings with food that will please your tastebuds, body, and heart with yum. 

Sweet Hart currently operates as a wholesale and custom order based business as well as participates in food festivals across Ontario and local markets. Since beginning operations in early 2016, the business has participated and successfully sold product at events such as Toronto Veg Fest, the biggest vegan/vegetarian food festival in North America, Niagara Veg Fest. Gluten-free garage, Vegan Food and Drink Festival, and The Toronto Baker’s Market, just to name a few. Not only has Sweet Hart received a great response at these events filled with established vendors, but we’ve managed to nearly sell out of product every single time. Additionally, the business has received praise and support from influencers and bloggers in the food and health industry.