2018 holiday Menu

Our lovely holiday menu is here! Browse the lineup below and call or email us to place your order. Be sure to do so by Wednesday, December 19th to snag your favourite treats!



Our pies are handmade from scratch with gluten-free flours and Miyoko’s Vegan Butter. $31 per 9” pie.

Maple Pecan - Gooey, warm maple filling with chopped pecans and Madagascar vanilla.

Apple Caramel Crumble - Spiced apples, house-made caramel sauce and cinnamon-almond crumble.

Chocolate Mint Brownie - Rich dark chocolate filling spiked with peppermint and pink Himalayan salt.

Veggie Pot Pie - Corn, carrot, peas and caramelized onion in a from-scratch veggie sauce.




Our raw cakes are naturally sweetened with dates and maple syrup. $50 for 6” cakes, $70 for 9” cakes.

Candy Cane - Layers of creamy chocolate peppermint and vanilla, topped with raw peppermint patties.

Eggnog - Creamy vanilla cake infused with eggnog spices and topped with bits of our eggnog wagon wheels.

Gingerbread - Ginger and vanilla layers packed with warming spices and topped with raw gingerbread pieces.



Our baked donuts are $18 per half dozen, $35 per dozen.

Eggnog - Fluffy vanilla cake infused with eggnog spices and topped with vanilla cream.

Chocolate Gingerbread - A warm gingerbread donut dunked in dark chocolate and topped with a mini gingerbread.

Powdered Vanilla - Fluffy vanilla cake rolled in powdered monk fruit and topped with our cinnamon-almond crumble.


Our cookies are $18-$35 per half dozen, $24-$45 per dozen.

Gingerbread - A soft gingerbread cookie with dark chocolate booties and coconut milk powder icing.

Berry Linzer - Raspberry jam sandwiched between two vanilla shortbread cookies.

Keto Pumpkin Spice Linzer - Vanilla cream sandwiched between two pumpkin spice shortbread cookies.