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Simply Sweet

Since early 2016, Sweet Hart Kitchen has worked to bring plant-based, gluten-free and refined sugar-free options to the table. Guided by a strong love for all things naturally sweetened and simply delicious, Sweet Hart Kitchen combines wholesome ingredients to bring mighty fine creations to life for you to enjoy. You can find everything from custom cakes to sweet and savoury pastries to ready-made meal options, and everything in between, in our little shop located in Toronto's Kensington Market. 


We use fresh, organic ingredients from local suppliers as much as possible, and ensure every bit is ethically sourced. There's always a large variety of baked and unbaked goodies in the shop on a daily basis, featuring the best seasonal ingredients we can get our hands on. We strive to give our customers a food experience that is simply delicious, every time. Most of all, we want to expand people’s palates and prove that plant based, gluten-free and naturally sweetened treats and eats can be a lovely experience for the tastebuds. 


"The kicker: the treats actually feel comforting and indulgent, and have the potential to change the minds of skeptics who believe true baking only happens with butter."

— BlogTO




Sweet Hart Kitchen's Sweet Harts 


Toronto natives Alexandra Courts and Julia Hart are passionate about wholesome treats and eats. Alex and Julia can be found recipe testing away in the kitchen, riding their bikes across the city, or spending as much time as possible with any animal friends they meets along their ventures.